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Technical Cooperation
Migration is often complex and dynamic, requiring a multifaceted migration management approach.

Technical cooperation is an effective migration management tool to strengthen governments’ abilities to monitor and manage migration through policy dialogue, information sharing and cooperation. IOM works with governments to strengthen legislation, policies, administrative structures, operational systems and human resources to effectively respond to migration management challenges. 

Since 2005, IOM Turkey has partnered with Turkish institutions and government to build capacity in migration management, admission policy, border management, asylum, trafficking, readmission, return, integration and secure data collection. IOM Turkey works with key stakeholders to develop migration management strategies through policy discussions, information sharing, skills transfer and analysis.

IOM Turkey provides technical cooperation in the following areas: 

• Mixed Migration:  

Defined as a complex population movement made up of migrants with diverse profiles (including refugees, victims of human trafficking, economic migrants, etc), mixed migration is a growing priority area for Turkey. In order to boost capacity in responding to mixed migration flows and to raise awareness of the different protection needs of migrants with different profiles, IOM Turkey facilities capacity building sessions with relevant migration-related institutions in Turkey. 
• Forged Travel Documents:  

In order to combat irregular migration, IOM Turkey works closely with Turkish authorities to strengthen institutional capacity to detect forged travel documents.  

• Legislation:  

IOM Turkey works closely with the Turkish government to advise and support on the drafting and implementation of migration-related legislation and policies.  Notably, IOM Turkey supported the drafting and implementation of the 2013 Law on Foreigners and International Protection which institutionalized migration management by establishing the Directorate General of Migration Management and brought Turkey’s migration management legislation and policies in line with international standards.

• Capacity Building:

By the request of the government, IOM Turkey assists Turkish authorities to increase technical knowledge and to strengthen institutional capacity on sustainable migration and border management. Our programs aim to build capacity in three areas: Developing institutional capacity, developing human capacity and developing operational capacity

• Readmission:  

IOM Turkey supports national institutions to establish functional readmission system, mainstream human rights and implement international standards under the EU-Turkey readmission agreement through building capacities of national institutions.

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